Key Enrollment Questions


Key questions to ask when inquiring about child care.


1. Is the center licensed?
Yes, all child care facilities must be licensed in RI by DCYF (Department of Children, Youth and Families). All of our centers are licensed.

2. Can you have a tour of the child care center during hours of operation?
Absolutely. Dr. Day Care highly suggests calling and book an appointment so the Director can make time to spend with your family and have no other appointments booked. However, we have an open door policy, so you may also choose to stop by any time.

3. What are the necessary qualifications to be a staff person?
Per DCYF regulations, a high school degree is mandatory; however our top priority is hiring a person with a college degree and experience working with children. The Head teacher in each center must have a Bachelor's degree in early childhood.

4. How often is staff training provided?

Teacher and Director Trainings occur on a bi-weekly basis within our organization. All staff members are provided with trainings monthly and include important topics such as CPR and First Aid.

5. Is there a nurse on staff?
Yes, by law, centers with an infant room require a nurse on staff. A child care health consultant is always on call for all Dr. Day Care centers.

6. What are the operating policies that cover fees, hours, illness, vacations, nutrition and universal precautions? Are these policies available?
Tuition fees are based on fair, affordable fees to guarantee the very best quality care and education for you child. You can call our Home Office to inquire about the fees - the number is 1-877-333-1393. The hours of operation are 6:30am to 6:00 pm. If your child has a fever of 101 degrees, or is vomiting or has diarrhea, we ask that your child not attend daycare. If your child becomes ill while attending day care, the director will call the parents to pick up your child as soon as possible. Universal precautions are followed and the teachers are trained on universal precautions several times through out the year.

Dr. Day Care follows the Federal Food guidelines for nutrition. Universal precautions are followed and the teachers are trained on universal precautions several times through out the year, The Dr. Day Care center does not close for vacations weeks, Dr. Day Care centers are open 52 weeks per year for your family's convenience.

7. What is the student/ staff ratio?
Staff requirements in licensed child care programs in RI are:
Infant Room 1:4
Toddler Room 1:6
Pre School 1:9
School Age 1:13
Dr. Day Care often exceeds these ratios in each of our centers to ensure children's optimum enjoyment into our program.

8. Is the child care center insured?

9. What are the child's schedules of activities for each level of development?
Experiences are provided that meet children's needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas - physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Each child is viewed as a unique person with individual growth and development. The curriculum and adults' interaction are responsive to individual needs of the child and abilities and interests. Different levels of ability, development and learning styles are accepted and used to design developmentally appropriate activities.

10. What is the discipline policy?

The word discipline means "to teach," thus at Dr. Day Care we believe in teaching children appropriate behaviors. The parent hand book has a detailed discipline policy designed for children to succeed.

11. What is the policy for games/ toys from home to day care?
Dr. Day Care highly suggests that your child keep their special toys at home or leave them in the car so they have them available after they depart from child care. This prevents special toys form being lost or broken.

12. What type of curriculum is offered to the children?
The daily schedule is designed for children to have an educational, play environment. Creative curriculum is the curriculum utilized by our teachers.

13. Is feeding time a nurturing experience?
Absolutely. Dr. Day Care provides free nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks for all children in our program. Our centers follow the CACFP (Child Adult Care Food Program) for your child's optimum nutrition.

Feeding time is a very nurturing experience. The infant caregivers hold and nurture your baby as they feed him/her breast milk or formula.

As your child begins to feed him/herself, a care giver supports and guides your child to make sure your child is eating enough food. As the children grow and move to preschool and pre-k, a family style approach is used by the centers for a positive eating experience. The family style method teaches your child the correct amount of nutritious food to help grow their body. Measuring cups are utilized for each food served, so that children will learn the correct amount of food to serve themselves, therefore helping to prevent obesity. The family style philosophy is also utilized with your school age students.

14. What is the nap and rest time policy for children at the center?
Rest time allows children to rest, sleep, and/or relax their bodies. While a child is resting on his/her personal cot he/she can read books and listen to relaxing music. Children are encouraged to use quiet voices so they and their peers can rest.

15. Is the environment smoke free?
Absolutely. All of our centers are smoke free.

16. Are all toys developmentally appropriate for each age of the children?
Toys and learning centers have been selected for the child's brain development based on their age and stage of life.

17. Does the schedule provide for fine and gross motor play?
The schedule is designed for fine and gross motor play through indoor and outdoor activities such as climbing equipment, balls, books, puzzles and arts & crafts materials.

18. What precautions are in place to ensure safety on the playground?
Safety is a number one priority of Dr. Day Care. Quality Control regularly inspects playground equipment to ensure it meets our safety standards. Additionally, staff child ratios are strictly followed to ensure safety on the playground.

19. Is the center convenient to your work or home?
Dr. Day Care has many locations throughout RI to serve your needs. Check out the "locations" tab on our website for a list of all of our locations.

20. Do you feel comfortable with the center and staff?

At your first interview and tour of the center, go with your gut instinct. If you find the center and staff to be friendly and outgoing towards you and your child while you have a guided tour of the center, it should give you a good indication of what our program can offer your child.

21. To what extent are parents involved in center activities?

Parent involvement is very important to Dr. Day Care. We welcome parents as volunteers and chaperones. Dr. Day Care offers a variety of ways to engage with our programs:

  • Parent/Teacher Groups:  These groups meet quarterly to discuss upcoming educational concepts, fundraising, planning events, discussing family involvement, and more.  Check with your center Directors for more information on how to join.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: Meet with your child's teacher to discuss individual progress, review your child's portfolio, and establish goals for success.
  • Center Events: Each location holds events throughout the year.  Look for flyers for more information!  Examples of events are Summer Cookouts, Breakfast with Santa, Egg Hunt/Bunny Breakfast, Valentine's Craft Breakfast, Donuts with Dad, Mother's Day Tea, and more!  
  • Volunteer: Speak to your Director about volunteering your time, either in the classroom or at events.  We love having parents share a story at circle time, join in during events, and just spending time in our classrooms!

22. Is there an open-door-policy?

Absolutely, Dr. Day Care always welcomes parents to stop by the center and watch their child pay and learn.

23. Are references available?
Yes, references are available on request. Please contact our Home Office at 1-877-333-1393 for this information.

24. Is there someone always available to answer questions?
Absolutely. You can call our home office at 1-877-333-1393 or email us at

25. Is the center open during inclement weather?
Dr. Day Care is always open unless the RI Governor declares a state of emergency

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